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Website & App Design/Maintenance

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Website & App Design

Your website is the billboard of your company! Let's create a beautiful billboard for you!

Your online shop isn’t just a destination, it's an engine that you can use to keep people coming back. The last thing you want is for someone to buy from you, get their product and then forget you exist. Or add a product to their cart, get called away for a moment, and then never come back and check out. These are easy ways to create more sales and re-energize your audience, but STATISTIC business owners do not use these critical retention tools. 

We’ll help you keep your market energized by

  • Creating a shopping experience where you get to keep more of your site visitors instead of losing 97.8% of them right off the bat
  • Pinging people who abandon their shopping carts because they got distracted
  • Improve customer retention and engagement by creating a welcoming onboarding experience
  • Stay top of mind with birthday automations
  • Reinforce trust by staying in touch with them every step of the way through their purchase on to delivery. 


“Our sales have doubled within the first few months of opening our online store.” The Studio took all our stress away and built a beautiful store! 

How Website Design helps 

  • Customized Shopify sites to any business, we can customize it to your niche or specialty
  • Start up or upgrade your shopify website - for B&M stores moving online or experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs whose businesses need a bump
  • The learning curve on Shopify can take days or weeks, accelerate your launch and results by hiring experts who can get the job done fast and right the first time
  • Create enhanced buying experiences that meet the demands of your customer base so they feel catered to
  • BONUS: We’ve worked with tons of boutique owners and have seen it all, we can provide you with advice and suggestions outside of the box


I am LOVING my website design that you did and of course my beautiful logo. You truly did an AMAZING job!!!
- Shanna 

What you Get

  • Designs the website
  • Automations through Shopify
  • Set up product categories, and product taxonomy
  • Additional app setup and integration
  • SEO for collections and website
  • Image optimization 
  • Make everything look pretty
  • Includes: Return Policy, Shipping & Handling Policy, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (including Texting) 
  • Automate your email: Email Automations include the following:
    • Welcome Email, Abandon Cart
    • Birthday Automation, 
    • Order Confirmation, 
    • Thank You Email
    • Shipping Confirmation.

 Need Website Maintenance? If you don't need a  website design but need a Virtual assistant to keep up with your website, we offer product uploads, descriptions, etc. Let us know how we can help you! Virtual Assistant is $25/hourly with a minimum of 5 hours a week. Please reach out with us for more information!

Need a seasonal brand refresh? Need to up date graphics for the up coming season? We will update your home page with new graphics and a fresh look! (requires a two week turn around)

Karen was amazing to work with. She redesigned our website to be suitable for both retail and wholesale customers. We couldn’t have done it without her and our website is exactly as we imagined it to be. Thank you for capturing our vision!
- Diana

Special Notes

  • This is a specialty package, quotes are available via request only, and there is a 45 minute discovery meeting to scope out the project requirements.  
  • Shipping integration NOT included
  • All fees associated with Apps are paid directly to Shopify
  • SEO for products available upon special request
  • Theme purchases are not included in pricing. 

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