Want to increase your chances of converting more customers? Unlock the power of your text marketing messages and make your subscribers feel the love with the very best in text marketing.

Text Messaging

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Text Messages

Because today, Everyone has a phone.

Text Marketing

Text Marketing is the most preferred way to communicate to potential customers. It’s  fast, convenient, and in real time. Text messages boost your customer engagement, it's reliable, and attracts new customers. Text message is the solution for any size company and offers a successful ROI. 

 Karen is a blessing in disguise. She sent up all my text messages and sends weekly text messages on my behalf. I have since doubled my website views and sales. She is helping me hit my goals one text message at a time! 
— Alexa

This package is for you if:

  • You feel guilty because you’re paying for texting services, but aren’t consistent with your messages 
  • Have so many things on your plate that text messaging always ends up at the bottom of the pile 
  • You don’t know how to use text messaging to turn subscribers into buyers 
  • You’re trying to get more eyes on your website in real time 

Pain Points we solve 

  • Keep in touch with your subscribers and customers consistently 
  • Boost your ROI for sales & promotion activities.
  • Promote your products in new and interesting ways
  • Diversify your promotional activities so that you don’t feel stuck on Facebook AND
  • Best of all, create an engaged audience that you can mobilize at a moment’s notice if social lets you down
I hired Karen to set up segments for my text messaging in hopes of targeting abandoned carts especially during the holidays. I have had customers reach out to me and thank me for sending them a reminder to check out! Our days get so busy and with kids sometimes we have to drop what we are doing at a moment's notice. I am so thankful I found Karen. She has helped me bring those potential customers back! 
— Christy

Results people get from the Texting Messaging:

  • Continued growth/ reach new audience 
  • Advanced targeting

What you Get:

Steady Texter- Two text messages a week. 
Text Master- Four text messages a week. 


 A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required. 

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