Create the right visuals for your posts, photos and videos. We create marketing with the top trending reels and stories you need for a beautiful social media marketing experience.

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Packages

A Picture is worth a 1000 words!

This Package is for you if: 

  •  You spend a lot of your day trying to figure out what to write 
  • You skip posting some days because you kept saying you’d do it later, then you forgot
  • Your business page feed is mostly sales or posts you’ve made trying to get engagement with little results
  • You hate being on social media and would rather be focusing on your actual business

There was a time when social media was easy enough for business owners to manage on their own. Back before 2017, all you had to do was make a post, go live, check off the boxes, the sales would come and move on. Set it and forget it. Now, those tactics don’t work, and worse - they will dig a hole for your business. To create sales and interest, you need a social media strategy that integrates your target audience, follow up, and adaptation according to metrics. Something that you don’t have time for, which means your sales will struggle. With social being your primary means of customer acquisition, do you really want to leave results to chance? We will: 

  • Post consistently on social media as your brand using your brand voice to keep you top of mind. 
  • Create content to attract your target market and
  • Analyze your posts and results to make changes based on consumer behavior
  • Build relationships with your audience by engaging with them on your business page and generating interest in your products
I just want to say you’re amazing! I looked at my monthly views on Pinterest this morning and in less than a month you have grown my monthly views to 6k!! 
— Cassie 

      Pain Points we solve 

      • We’ll help you stay on top of posting to all your social media channels and promptly respond to messages and engagements
      • You won’t have to keep up to date with all the changes on social media because we do that for you and adapt accordingly
      • Forget about figuring out your analytics and what they mean, we’ll do that for you so that you can focus on working your business instead of figuring out what the marketing numbers mean. 
      • You’ll never have to spend all day agonizing over what to write or post about again, because you know it’s already being taken care of. 
      • Bundle this with our email package and we’ll create a funnel between all of your marketing to amplify your results even more. 

      Karen and her team are a pleasure to work with. I really needed to hire a Social Media team to take the task off my hands. I know I made the right choice with the Boutique Marketing Studio! You have increased our engagement, increased our sales and put more eyes on my brand! Thank you! 

      — Mallory 

      What you Get

      • “Baby Steps” Marketing- 4 posts/week + 2 reels & story a week
      • “Social Butterfly” Marketing- 8 posts/week + 4 reels & stories a week

       A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required. 


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