Hire social influencers with tens of thousands of followers and dozens of variety of audiences to share your brand with tens of thousands of new followers on your account.
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Social Influencers

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Influencer Road Trip Promotion!
 Playful & Girly | Bold & Energetic | Classic & Curvy | Travel & Style |
  We have someone for every style, price point, and platform!
Each package is customizable to your budget. Please schedule a call HERE or send us an Email at info@boutiquemarketingstudio.com

We offer a wide range of mainstream influencers to sought after Micro - influencers. Let our influencers tell the world what you have to offer!

This Package is for you if:

  • You want to increase sales, and followers
  •  You want to Build brand awareness and trust
  • You want to Establish brand identity
  • You want to Give your customers a personal touch
  • Want other people to STOP the scroll FOR YOU


How Influencers can help your business:

  • Influencers are one of the world’s most powerful forms of digital marketing.
  • Piggy back on their following to drive new audiences to your social media
  • Influencers create word-of-mouth communication of your brand.
  •  70% of social media subscribers trust influencers' opinions over traditional celebrities.
  • Studies show that 87% of women turn to social networks before making a purchase decision.
  • Influencers have built trust and long-lasting relationships with their followers

 Trust Marketing IS Essential Marketing


Results from using an Influencer Strategy

  • Boosted Sales
  • Generate revenue
  •  Increased viewer traffic

“Average businesses generate $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested in influencer marketing”


What you get: 

We have relationships with a number of  influencers with tens of thousands of followers who span a variety of audiences. We will select our power house influencers who are the best fit for your business who reach a minimum of 50K followers  

Each package is customizable to your budget. Please schedule a call HERE or send us an Email at info@boutiquemarketingstudio.com

Premier Influencer Package:  Will consist of reels and stories. Reach a minimum of 40K+ followers

Exclusive Influencer Package: Will consist of more than one Influencers,  reels, stories, feed post, and a tik tok (optional) Reach a minimum of 60K+ Followers

Elite Influencer Package: Will consist of several influencer reels, stories,  feed posts, Tik Tok, and blog post. Reach a minimum of 95K+ Followers 


A Diverse line up is KEY to maximizing the market!


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