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Facebook & Instagram Ads

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Ads works to amplify your small business marketing and helps you reach the right audience with positive, targeted messaging that converts potential customers into paying customers! 

This Package is for you if: 

  • Increasing brand & product awareness.
  • Standing out from the competition.
  • Attracting current & potential customers.
  • Educating your business customers.
  • Increasing Sales Volume & ROI.
  • Improving your brand positioning “image”

Paid Advertising Reaches Your Customers Where They Are.

According to a recent study, 81% of shoppers do online research before making a purchasing decision, and 60% start with a search engine. The path of least resistance is to advertise where they are.

Paid Advertising Increases Your Company’s Prestige and Credibility.

In the long term, a quality product or service will cement your company’s reputation. When people see an advertisement for a company (especially a good ad) they instinctively assume that business has money. And if they think a business has money they assume it’s doing well, which means there are other customers. It’s a subtle way of creating social proof.  

You Can Target Your Ads Extremely Well.

Sites like Facebook and Instagram have access to a lot of data. This means that they have the ability to put your ads in front of the right prospects

You’ll Reach Far More People Than You Ever Will With Organic Posts

 If you’re running a business page, you might not be aware that only the tiniest fraction of your followers even see what you post. It may sound extreme, but it’s completely true.

Over the last couple of years, Facebook & Instagram have been decreasing business pages’ visibility in news feeds — a frustrating algorithm update for business owners everywhere. Running ads will reach more potential customers!

You Can Easily Find New Leads With Ads

Once you find your audience that converts the fastest, it’s possible to attract people who are just like them by using Facebook’s & Instagram’s  “lookalike audiences.” This feature allows you to take a custom audience and use Facebook to find similar people who are most likely to purchase from you.


A minimum of a three-month commitment is required. Price does not include ad spend.  For a detailed list of what is included in each package,  please reach out HERE

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