Transform your email marketing strategy, and stop missing out on huge opportunities to increase sales!

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Packages

Success starts with strategy.

This Package is for you if: 

  • You’ve signed up for an email program like mailchimp, but you’ve never sent anything

  • You’re active on social media, people seem to like your stuff, but you need to increase price per sale

  • You send out emails but your open and click rates are low, and you don’t think you’re getting any sales from them. 

I created this package to help the small business owner who is ready to take the next step and more than double your ROI. You know that sales come when you are at the top of your customers mind and you can’t be there if you aren’t sending out emails. But you can't seem to make the time to write them, and you’re not quite sure how to make people press the button when you do write them. Let us take that headache off your plate. You are an expert in your business, and we are experts at:

  • Sending emails that will amplify your reach and increase income 

  • Speaking with your voice to reinforce your brand and keep you at the top of your customers minds.
  • Being a marketing extension of you, so you can focus on running your business and not writing emails.  
  • And once you get started, you’ll have access to these amazing benefits that come from simply sending consistent emails to your market: 

  • Consumers spend 138% more as a result of email marketing, when compared to consumers who don't receive email offers.

  • Email Marketing ROI is 122%, That's four times higher than any other digital marketing channel 
  • Email Marketing can increase your revenue by 30%


I absolutely looooove Karen she goes above and beyond to get your emails out on time and the best part is that they are amazing 😍 every detail and every cute quote she puts never goes unnoticed! My customers always compliment my emails and of course my business has grown thanks to her 💗
— Anais
Karen is a treasure! She knows how busy running a business is so she is always on top of being sure I am reminded to send in content. She is so easy to work with and her work is quick and beautiful! Such an incredible value for what she adds to your business! 
— Kinsey 

    How Email Marketing helps you and your business

    • You’ll have more time to spend with your customers increasing the value of the products/services you offer
    • Automations and segmentations to effectively target your emails and deliver a feeling of personalization to customers that will create more engagement and more clicks
    • Create sales from your emails to pay for the cost of the software and the package
    • Increase your sales and open rates, get people’s attention OFF social media
    • You will resurrect disengaged dormant or dead customers
    • You’ll never worry about what to write, when to write it, because we’ll do it for you 
    • The headache and anxiety about emails are gone because you know its going out. 

    Results people get from Email Marketing

    • Get more visitors to your website and then converting to customers
    • Peace of mind, knowing that you're always on top of  your customers minds
    • Ensure that the email fits into the overall marketing and branding strategy 
    • Monthly email marketing reports 
    • Segmentation to insure your active members stay active & non active members become active!


    What you Get

    Hot Mess Express Email Marketing - 4 Emails/ Monthly
    Boss Babe Email Marketing -8 Emails/ Monthly
    Goal Crushers-Wholesale/Retail Email 16 Emails/ Monthly
    Auto Pilot Automation's & Email Templates 


    It’s been such a pleasure having to not worry about my weekly emails and knowing you’ve got me covered ❤️ She’s great y’all! Highly recommend her!
    — Desiree
    Karen always goes above and beyond what I could imagine for my email marketing. She doesn’t just plop my information into the platform. She designs graphics and creates a look that is so appealing to customers. Highly recommend her services. 
    — Jenna 




     A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required. Email Platforms must be-able to "schedule" emails. Mailchimp clients on the "free" plan must upgrade to a plan that allows "scheduling". 





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