Website & App Design


Your website is the billboard of your company! Let's create a beautiful billboard for you!

  • Specialize in Shopify 
  • A complete website tailored to your brand
  • Themes are paid directly to Shopify (not included in price)
  • Includes About us, Policy Pages, & Shipping pages
  • Customized Collections  & Photo Sizing
  • App installs paid directly to Shopify (if any) to help your business run smoothly.
  • Customized Invoice, taxes, and shipping pages 
  • Optimize SEO Keywords
  • Alt tags
  • Lifetime support and design updates (FREE)


  • “Dream Chaser” Website Design- For our clients who are chasing dreams, and our believers who are fearless for what sets their souls on fire. Let us help you achieve your dreams with our “Dream Chaser” Website Design.  Dream Chaser consist of a full website design from the ground up or a complete Makeover of an existing website! (includes all mentioned above)

  • “Spice it Up” Website Design- To our Spice girls, who are all about sugar and spice and who believe that changes are a good thing! Now is the time to spice up your website with a fresh look! Spice it up consist of new homepage graphics, Collection Icons, basic SEO and tags

  • “Revamp It Up” Website Design- You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just realign it! Revamp your homepage today with fresh new graphics! 

  • “Virtual Lover” App Design- For our VT (Virtual Technology) lovers who want to take their business to the next level with a customized app! If you love VT as much as we do, then this is for you! Create a stunning virtual shopping experience for your customers with our Virtual lovers app design.  *For Compatible Apps Only*