Text Messaging


Because today, Everyone has a phone.

  • Developing a text message strategy for your business. 

  • Creating detailed text messages for your customers

  • Content personalized for your business  

  • Increase your website traffic


  • “Steady Texter”- For steady hands and kind souls. Not much of a texter but want to text your customers about your latest arrivals and promotions? Our “Steady Texter” package consists of two text messages a week, customized branding graphics, and links. 

  • “Text Master”-  For those of you who have mastered super fast typing skills in highschool, but can't wear all the hats in your company. We got you! “Text Master” consists of four text messages a month to your customers! Need to announce a giveaway, special event, or just to let your customers know you’re thankful for them? #shopsmall. Let us take this task off your hands so you can focus your energy elsewhere! Text Master consist of (up to) 5 text messages a week. 


 A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required.