Social Media Marketing


A picture is worth 1000 words. 
  • Creating gorgeous on-brand graphics to support your content

  • Refreshing graphics across your social media platforms

  • Utilizing custom photography to support your goals

  • One month Social Media Content Calendar

Visual storytelling is an integral part of social media success. From new arrival post's to daily engagements, I’ve got you covered. 


  • “Baby Steps” Marketing- We tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward! Take the first step and let us help you  grow with our “Baby Steps” Social Media Marketing package. Baby steps consist of 25 post a week on two platforms  (3/2) example; 3 Instagram post | 2 Facebook posts

  • “Social Butterfly” Marketing- From a caterpillar, to a cocoon, to the beautiful social butterfly you have emerged into. We are here to help keep your wings from fading! Social Butterfly consist of 40 post a week on two platforms (5/3). example; 5 Instagram post | 3 Facebook posts

  • “Queen of Media” Marketing- We know our queens are priceless and your potential is limitless. You’re not afraid to fail, and even on the days you feel like you failed, you know deep down, failure is just another stepping stone to greatness! We are here to help all of our Queens continue to do amazing things without getting burnt out.  Queen of Media consist of 50 post a week on three platforms.  (5/3/2) example; 5 Instagram post | 3 Facebook posts | 2 Facbook group

 A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required. 

*All packages are customizable to you!