Email Marketing


Success starts with strategy.

  • Developing an email marketing strategy for your business. It will define the “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign or newsletter. 

  • Creating detailed newsletters with graphics

  • Email template personalized and branded for your business with clickable links 

  • Increase your open rate

  • Product highlighting

  • Monthly email marketing reports 

  • Segmentation to insure your active members stay active & non active members become active!


  • “Hot Mess Express” Email Marketing - For our babes who are trying to hit the ground running! “Hot Mess Express” includes one email per week with follow up emails to inactive members.


  • “Boss Babe” Email Marketing - We know you are busy and need to take a few things off your plate! “Boss Babe” Email Marketing is two emails per week, plus  targeting inactive members!


  • “Goal Crusher” Email Marketing - We know how busy you are crushing your goals and taking names! “Goal Crusher” consists of 5 emails per week, making it the perfect package for our Wholesale and Retail Business owners!  


  • “Autopilot Automation” - Avoid the turbulence in your business and run your everyday emails on autopilot! “Auto Pilot” Email Automations include the following: Welcome Email, Abandon Cart, Birthday Automation, Order Confirmation, Thank You Email & Shipping Confirmation.


  • Cleared for Landing Page- Need to collect email addresses for your next giveaway? Or just want to automatically collect email addresses from your Social Media Pages? Landing pages are customized to your brand!


      All packages are customizable to you! A minimum of a three-month commitment for monthly services is required. Email Platforms must be-able to "schedule" emails. Mailchimp clients on the "free" plan must upgrade to a plan that allows "scheduling".