Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template - Boutique Marketing Studio
Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template
Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template - Boutique Marketing Studio
Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template
Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template

Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template

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Get ready to cozy up with a warm slice of baked apple pie and design your website, email marketing, and/or social media postings like a pro with our Golden Days of Fall Inspired Template. What better way is there to get your message out there with our fall inspired fashion mood collage! With drag and drop features, you'll be creating stunning designs in no time! Perfect for the season of apple pies and sweaters! 🍏🥧

Plug and Play Templates are a great benefit to all business owners because they save time and money. By using these templates, businesses can create professional-looking emails and websites without having to hire an expensive web designer or learn complex coding. This allows businesses to focus more on their core business activities and less on the technical aspects of creating a website. Additionally, Plug and Play Templates are affordable

How Drag & Drop Templates helps you and your business

  • You’ll have more time to spend with your customers increasing the value of the products/services you offer
  • You will have your branding on point and consistent. 
  • Save money while still looking professional. 
  • Increase your sales and open rates, get people’s attention OFF social media
  • You will resurrect disengaged dormant or dead customers
  • You’ll never worry about how or what to design for your next email or website banner  

Results people get from Templates that stand out!

  • Get more visitors to your website and then converting to customers
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you're always on top of  your customers minds
  • Ensure that your templates fits into the overall marketing and branding strategy 


What you Get:

Package 1 - (1) Website Collection Template  (fully customizable). Your digital download template will be immediately available. You will also be emailed a PDF file.. Please be sure to check your spam folder. If you have not received your template link please email us at: 

How does it work:

1. Purchase your favorite template!
2. You will receive a confirmation page with your link to the PDF.
3. Please read through the PDF
4. Click on the link in the PDF file to open the template in Canva.
5. Edit the template according to your branding style and information.
6. Download your template as a PNG.
7. Upload PNG to your email platform, your social media accounts or website! 

Images not included. Each month we base our templates on themes &/or holidays.
For best results we recommend Canva pro. 


We do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations on digital downloads. Our Digital files are for personal use only. Do not sell, or redistribute or share it with others without obtaining prior written permission. 

These templates are being sold by ‘Boutique Marketing Studio’. The seller and the sale of these templates are not affiliated with Canva, and Canva is not liable for these templates.

Our Digital Downloads are not for commercial use. Graphic Designers', use of our templates is strictly prohibited.


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