Using Instagram Stories for Profit!

Are you looking to get more out of your Instagram stories? Have you tried to run a “ Story Flash Sale”? a flash sale can be a great way to excite your followers and quickly burn through some excess inventory.
Check out our 7 tips to get the most out of your Story Flash Sale!
Set a goal- Check your data and find out what times of day your target market is most active. Then decide how many pieces you need to sell to hit your goal.
Write your post in advance- Have everything in a spreadsheet so you can copy/paste Or if you have a scheduling app, schedule your post out.
Offer Discounts- Successful flash sales usually offer big discounts. If you do not want to do deep discounts then offer an incentive that has worked for you in the past. Another option is to offer a “bundle” or a complete outfit deal.
Use Hashtags- Don’t forget your hashtags! Hashtags help in publicizing your sale and reach potential buyers.
Decide whether it will be a surprise- Will this be a surprise or a planned sale for your followers? If planned, be sure to announce the sale ahead of time on your website, social media sites, email campaign and a text message campaign.
Ensure customers can order quickly. Make sure you have your sales process in place from start to finish before beginning the sale. Be sure to tag your products so your customers can quickly checkout.
Leverage other people to draw attention to your sale- Get more eyes on your sale by leveraging your followers to post about your sale. Offer your followers a discount on their next order if they share your sale! ( If you tag @karen_holcomb_ I will share your sale! 😘)

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