Chapter 9, Our time Capsule

There has been so much time that has passed between life happening, kids growing up, and adventures that have taken us around the world! 

So let me fill you in on what has happened since I was last “officially” blogging.

After our marriage, we welcomed a new baby girl to our family! Her name is Yoshi, a classic Fawn Boxer. She has been my rock through so many emotional, dark days. Of course we still have our beautiful Conure boy-Koopa! Yoshi and Koopa have an unlikely, yet beautiful friendship! Honestly, if you have never seen a parrot be best friends with a boxer then, you need to check out my Facebook videos! 

After the wedding, Kevin and I took our honeymoon to Jamaica where he helped me accomplish my dream of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in the ocean, climbing waterfalls, and zip-lining through the forest! 

After living downstate for 4 years, our oldest son was changing into a typical teenager, trying to figure out who he is and where he fits in this world. I was, and still am, against him living with his biological father. So, we picked up our lives, and moved back up north where everything is a 30 minute drive because you tend to get stuck behind a tractor hauling cow manure down the main road. It's definitely not pleasant, especially on an 80 degree day, sun beating, and the wind blowing just right! 

We bought a house in 2016 and completely remodeled it. Because we no longer lived downstate, I felt the best move for me and my business was to sell Great Lakes Parrot Place. In our small town, families just don’t have the budget for the cost of the parrots I was raising. 

Kevin left IFL after 11 years, and got hired in with Skywest. For me, I think its been the hardest adjustment going from a Cargo schedule of 18 days on and 12 days off. Now flying commercial, his schedule is never the same with Skywest. However, its his passion and he’s working towards his ultimate dream job with Delta! 

Austyn attended the academy, graduated high school a year early, and then attended trade school working towards his electrician degree. He will be turning 18 in less than 4 months. He is still trying to figure this whole thing called life out! 

Dylan, now officially in High School, wants to follow his brother's footsteps when he turns 16 next year and attend the academy as well. He has plans to join the ARMY, regardless, of moms protesting! I sadly have to say that this boy has truly inherited my clumsiness! I cant count how many times Dylan has gotten stitches in his lifetime. Or the time, a week after our house completely flooded due to a new sink faucet that malfunctioned, he managed to break and twist his tibia while at school which resulted in a plate and 8 screws. 

As for me,  I sold GLPP, and opened up a Boutique. I quickly found I was helping my sisterhood with Marketing and losing focus on my own Boutique. I think that’s when life finally started slapping the shit out of me and reminding me that I am 30 grand in debt with a Marketing degree that I wasn’t even using! So, you guessed it...I sold my Boutique and started all over again with my Marketing Company!

Life has not been full of rainbows and unicorns as much as I hate to admit. I never sugar coat life so if my blogs come across as I have my shit together, girl, you are mistaken! We have our typical family drama, we have the constant heartbreak parent moments just like the Jones'. We have the moments when life hits us 10-fold with a ton of bad luck and everything hits at the worst timing. 

I have the moments I question God's humor and question him why in the hell he took my father when he was just 36 years old. Honestly, I may be biased here, but I damn well know that I needed my father more than he did. I also question why he took an entire family from me all within the same year, or why he created me with an autoimmune disease. Or why he thinks it’s hilarious to create a child who would be my Karma for my own childhood I lived. Honestly, the Lord and I have not seen eye to eye in my years on this earth. 

Yes, I know “everything happens for reason,” but throwing us some damn clarity once in a while sure would be nice! 

Xo Kiki;

Karen is the owner of Boutique Marketing Studio & blog owner of My Life, Your Entertainment. “My life, Your Entertainment,” is a real-life, non-sugarcoating blog by yours truly! I am a mother of two teenage boys (Lord, I know you love me). I am a pilot bride who envies her groom’s love for flying. I find humor in the little things and will laugh until my belly hurts. I am stubborn, I cuss worst than a sailor. I am too outspoken, I drink, I have tattoos, I drive a fancy truck and I am addicted to chocolate. I love hard and trust too easy. However, I can build a wall to protect my heart faster than an airplane taking off at 130 knots. The life motto that I have, and will, always live by is, “On a wing and a prayer.” My life, my family, and all its beautiful chaos, takes place in the beautiful Great Lakes State. You will find that my blog talks about all of the things I have passion for: life, marriage, kids, marketing, hobbies… you name it! I hope somewhere, there is a soul or two I can speak to. So, stick around and don’t forget to subscribe! Xo, Karen;


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