Our Favorite Wholesalers

Are you constantly looking for reputable wholesalers? Don't worry, we hear you! Below is our top favorite, tested and approved by a handful of Boutique Owners. 


*Please click on image for website link! 




Have a favorite Vendor you want to submit? Or are you a wholesaler yourself and would like for us to promote you? send us an email at: info@boutiquemarketingstudio.com




Have a suggestion for a tip? We would love to hear from you!

Welcome to my Marketing Studio tribe!
We help Boutique owners who struggle with generating new sales and creating repeat customers which results in them constantly on the move, feeling frustrated, defeated, and feeling like they have to wear all the hats in their company.
We have a menu of marketing options that help you branch into new markets and re-energize your current customer list to create consistent and reliable sales so that you feel secure to rest, stop working, relax, take care of family, or make that next great idea come to life.

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