Chapter 11 A letter to my first born son


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If you ask an adult today, they would say their parents taught them the majority of what they know. Yes I taught you how to walk and talk. I taught you how to tie your shoes and sing the alphabet.

But in reality, you've taught me more than I could have ever dreamed of learning. You taught me how to love unconditionally. You taught me at 17, how to be an adult. You taught me how to believe in make believe, you taught me the difference between a house and home.

I learned how to multitask like grocery shopping with a screaming child who has a shitty diaper and realizing the diaper bag was either left at home or still in the car, which also taught me how to push a shopping cart, like I was in the Indy 500.

You taught me the value of a one minute, and a three minute phone call. You taught me that boys are gross and your brother just confirmed it. You taught me to never own a Parrot with a child whose still in a walker. Feathers will be everywhere, your Parrot will end up bald, and your child will truly believe it’s the funniest thing in the world.

You taught me the value of our unexpected “campfires”, which you quickly learn was moms code for a family meeting. You taught me when life isn't going as planned, we tell ourselves “tough titmouse”, and we carry on.

I tried like how to bring you into a perfect world, but I  was far from perfect, and so was this world. I was a teenager bouncing from home to home and you were my wingman, my anchor along for the ride. I don't need to remind you that we've been through some pretty hard storms. But we are always had each other, even when you and I have been at war.

Somewhere along the way, I lost that anchor, my wingman. The day you were born is a day we learn we know everything! ( It’s s a superpower we get once we become a mom!) I know there was a time when you lost yourself and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't help you find yourself.

As a parent, we never stopped searching for answers. I spent so many sleepless nights, trying to find a way to help you, to help my child who seem to be living in a nightmare.

I promise you 17 years ago I would do whatever it took to make sure I give you all your wants and needs. Little did I know I'd be learning the hardest lesson, a parent can learn. I had to learn the hard lesson of knowing when to hold on, and when to let go.

Attending the Academy was the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. But it gave you the opportunity to see your potential. The potential I seen in you the day you were born, and the potential that only when you're older, you will see to.

In all the lessons you taught me, the academy taught you just as much. It taught you that we all have blank pages, we all have a story to write, it taught you no matter how many times a person falls down in life, you always have the choice to get back up, be stronger than yesterday. Forget the past and move on.

It taught you the moments you thought you had it rough, someone else has it worse than you, it taught you when we have a commitment you stick with it. It taught you maturity, confidence, responsibility, and achievement. The Academy taught you to dream, set goals, aim and rise above them.

You had so many amazing experiences and learned A million and one lessons you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You left me that day as a child and came home a man, a man with honor, and a man with mad respect.

The entire dictionary can never have enough words to tell you how proud and honored I am to be your mom.

I love you, Austyn. Always Semper Fi.

Xo, Mom; 


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