Chapter 7, The Proposal

Remember in chapter 1, I mentioned that Kevin doesn't know it yet, but someday I am going to marry this boy!?

Well, apparently Mr. Holcomb had a secret of his own that he never shared during our “secret for secret" games! 

On July 7th 2012, Kevin and I were camping with his parents and siblings in Higgins Lake, Michigan. The night before. July 6th, Kevin and I went into town and I noticed a sign for an air show. Every year I would take my boys to our local air show to see all the planes, so when I saw the sign for an air show in a different town, I absolutely had to check it out! Little did I know at the time, this was fitting into Kevin's proposal perfectly. Kevin promised me the next day we would go! The next day, July 7th, Kevin and I went back into town to grab some lunch! Leaving the parking lot, Kevin wanted to take a left. Now mind you, if you know me, you KNOW that I am NOT good with directions. I can tell you how to "get there," but I can't give you road names, LOL. Anyway, I knew the air show was to the right! But Kevin insisted I was WRONG!! When we pulled into what Kevin believed to be the airport for the air show there was only 3 planes in view. I, of course, was already ranting, "I told you so!!" But, again, Kevin insisted we go talk to someone to make sure! Once we stepped into the building, a very nice gentlemen was at a desk doing whatever pilots do to waste time, lol. Kevin asked the gentlemen if this was the airport for the air show. Of course, he responded back with, "NO that is at XX airport!" Once again, an "I told you so" came out of my beautiful lips, lol. The gentlemen then asked if there was anything he could help us with and Kevin proceeded to ask what all he needed to rent a plane and take me up! For those of you who don't know, Kevin is a Cargo Pilot and flies a Boeing 727. However, since Kevin didn't have his certifications on hand, the guy offered to fly us around!! I, of course, was worried about the price tag, until the gentlemen offered to take us up for FREE!!! YES, I truly believed I was getting a FREE AIRPLANE RIDE!! Of course, after the fact, I learned it was nothing short of free, lol. 

So how did he propose? Keep on reading to find out....

Once we got in the plane, the gentlemen flew us over my hometown, West Branch, Michigan. Then we flew to Prescott where the majority of my family lives. I got to view my Grandma's house and lake! We then proceeded to fly over the campground we were staying at. As we flew over the lake, the Captain noticed a sign down on the beach, and had asked me what the sign said. Me, who is off in la-la land as it is SO beautiful up there, was oblivious to the situation, lol. So, we made another circle around! That time, I payed attention! Kevin points out the sign that I had missed, and as we are getting closer, I saw a line of people holding the sign on the beach. So now I am trying to figure out what it says to put the puzzle together! At this point, I can only see "WILL," the letter "U," and "ME." Getting closer, I can now see the "ARRY." So here I am, like a person trying to figure out a puzzle, "will, U, Me," "will, u, arry, me," when suddenly I blurt out "WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!" With a quick head jerk to look back at Kevin I finally realized what was happening. There he sat holding this beautiful 14 Karat, White Gold, 3 stone diamond ring with pink sapphire diamonds going around the band! He then proceeds with the most beautiful, tear jerking, speech. At that point, body started shaking tremendously. I felt numb, dizzy, and all of a sudden air sick, & no tears were coming from my eyes, lol. Next, I felt as if that it all was a dream and had NO idea where we were! During Kevin's speech, again, oblivious to what was going on, the captain had circled around again and gave a "dipping" cue (tilting of the wings) to the line of people holding the signs that I had said, "YES!!!!" (BTW, the first sign that I had missed said, "Karen, I love you!")

Now that I felt sick, it was time we played it safe and headed back to the airport! As we landed and exited the plane there were several people applauding! Apparently, the captain invited his family! We proceed to meet everyone, pay our dues, and headed back to camp! As we were driving back to camp, it dawned on me that my family wasn't there to see it, and I began to have a shadow of sadness when I should have been overjoyed! Kevin, didn't say much at the time, which I knew by the look on his face that he had something up his sleeve! Sure enough, we pulled into a parking lot that was PACKED full of cars and I saw a sign that said, "Kevin and Karen ----->" Suddenly, it is was clear!! Our ENTIRE families were there, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins! They were all by the lake waiting for us!!! NO, it never dawned on me as to who would be holding the signs! Did I mention I am a blonde, lol? 

Engagement Session:

With the most amazing proposal ever & Kevin being a pilot, it only makes sense to keep afloat the aviation theme!  So, our engagement session was done in a Pearl Harbor theme around a 1974 Steen Skybolt airplane with an open cockpit. Kevin was dressed up in a bomber jacket, helmet and scarf and I was in a 1960's style dress!

Xo, Kiki;

Karen is the owner of Boutique Marketing Studio & blog owner of My Life, Your Entertainment. “My life, Your Entertainment,” is a real-life, non-sugarcoating blog by yours truly! I am a mother of two teenage boys (Lord, I know you love me). I am a pilot bride who envies her groom’s love for flying. I find humor in the little things and will laugh until my belly hurts. I am stubborn, I cuss worst than a sailor. I am too outspoken, I drink, I have tattoos, I drive a fancy truck and I am addicted to chocolate. I love hard and trust too easy. However, I can build a wall to protect my heart faster than an airplane taking off at 130 knots. The life motto that I have, and will, always live by is, “On a wing and a prayer.” My life, my family, and all its beautiful chaos, takes place in the beautiful Great Lakes State. You will find that my blog talks about all of the things I have passion for: life, marriage, kids, marketing, hobbies… you name it! I hope somewhere, there is a soul or two I can speak to. So, stick around and don’t forget to subscribe! Xo, Karen;


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