Chapter 5, Holcomb

(Original Posting Date 2/3/12)

 "Contrary to what the cynics say, distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time apart in exchange for a little time with the one you adore. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough."

January 1st has marked a year for Kevin and I! Over the past year, you have become my prince charming.  My best friend, my hero, my tear stopper, my confidence builder, my secret holder, my pick me up when I’m frustrated and/or stressed out, my go to when one of the boys did something funny and I just had to share it with someone!  But, most importantly, over the past year…you have become our world.

If someone were to ask me why I love you so much, I couldn’t just pick one.

I love that you’re not afraid to laugh at me when I have done something dumb, or your silly little laughs when I say the punch line wrong or mispronounce a word!

I love that you will drop whatever you’re doing just to dance with me with no music but will sing to me when a good song comes on the radio! (And when we are in the car, you let me control the radio stations!)

I love how you think my “secret for secret” game is so corny, but play anyway and when I want to play “Q for an A” or “the honesty stick moment” you try so hard to avoid your turn! ( & let’s not forget, I am totally winning in our point system ;) 

I love that you’re the guy, when I’m throwing a fit, will walk up to me and just hold me. You say it’s because you don’t know what to say. But, little do you know, your hugs speak all the words I need to hear!

I love Sunday nights, how you will spray my favorite cologne of yours on my pillows so I can snuggle with it when you’re gone.

I love that you’re the guy that looks me in eyes and tells me he loves me, and means it!

I love when we snuggle you will lay there and play with my hair for hours.

I love how even when your football games come on, I will dance as I walk past the T.V,  (and you still chose to watch me over football ;)

I love your silly little smirk & how you can’t help but love me at the moments you think I’m such a dork!

I love how I can’t do any wrong in your eyes & even my flaws are perfect to you.

I love how even when you get it wrong you’re still willing to try until you get it right!

I love when I am complaining about politics (“aka your job!”) and the way they do things backwards you’re still willing to sit there and listen to me even though it’s a broken record to you!

I love that the mornings you get home from a trip, I get to wake up to a letter from you on how your night went!

I love that in the mornings when my hair is a mess and I have no makeup on, you still think I am gorgeous and would take me out into the world still in my P.J’s

I love how you hug me with the intentions of never letting go. I love that your hugs make my world disappear and makes me feel so safe and secure.

I love how you will let me fall asleep on your chest & let me play with your hair just so I can fall asleep. And in the mornings, you are learning not to leave the lights on because you know I hate it.

I love how you know that my boys are my life and you treat them as if they were your own.

I love that you admit you love my boys just as much as me but, secretly know you love them more than me!

I love that your family has accepted me and the boys from day one and has never made us feel judged or out of place. (You truly, have the most amazing family I have ever met in my life. Your Dad & Mom has raised such an amazing, loving, outgoing, goal-orientated, sensitive, smart and loving man & two daughters who are just as amazing.)

I love that you like my silly little jokes and play along! And I love that you have never paid me back for the cold water incident in the shower!!  :-)

♥ I love when I take a bath you will sit with me in the bathroom and read me funny things you find online.

I love the random moments you come up behind me and put your arms around my waist and the way you smile when you see me!

I love when you say you have a surprise for me and even though I will bug you, you still don’t give in and tell me because you want me to be surprised!

I love the moments we reminisce on the day we met!

I love that you see it’s the little things in life that mean the most to me.

I love that a simple good morning text can put a smile on my face that will last all day, & I can’t wait until Mondays no longer mean goodbyes, and going to bed with you at night means every morning I can wake up with you beside me. 

♥ and most importantly, I love that you believe me & believe we make the perfect team together. ♥

Even though my list could go on for pages of why I love you, I do have to admit that I hate that it hurts because I miss you so much when we are not together.

I have never felt the things that I feel for you with anyone in my life. I have never held a connection like I do with you. Our connection is so strong there isn’t a situation you and I cannot work through together. But, how do I know that this time its true love? Because, a year later you still give me butterflies, and leave me speechless when I want to express my deepest feelings about the way you make me feel. I have so many thoughts and emotions yet, I can’t easily get them on paper to make sense when writing always comes easy for me. 

Or the fact that when I am not with you it truly does hurt. You have given me so many days to remember and nights I will never forget and I truly believe you and I are meant to be together!  and even after all the little things you do to annoy me, or to make me upset, or the things you do that drive me crazy, at the end of the night…your still everything I want!! 

Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other, you could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you tell them things and know you’re not being judge. This person, I have been told to hold on to for this person is your best friend, your soul mate, and in my heart, I know, this person…is you! <3

You are my world, my price charming, my wing & a prayer <3

Xo, Kiki;

Karen is the owner of Boutique Marketing Studio & blog owner of My Life, Your Entertainment. “My life, Your Entertainment,” is a real-life, non-sugarcoating blog by yours truly! I am a mother of two teenage boys (Lord, I know you love me). I am a pilot bride who envies her groom’s love for flying. I find humor in the little things and will laugh until my belly hurts. I am stubborn, I cuss worst than a sailor. I am too outspoken, I drink, I have tattoos, I drive a fancy truck and I am addicted to chocolate. I love hard and trust too easy. However, I can build a wall to protect my heart faster than an airplane taking off at 130 knots. The life motto that I have, and will, always live by is, “On a wing and a prayer.” My life, my family, and all its beautiful chaos, takes place in the beautiful Great Lakes State. You will find that my blog talks about all of the things I have passion for: life, marriage, kids, marketing, hobbies… you name it! I hope somewhere, there is a soul or two I can speak to. So, stick around and don’t forget to subscribe! Xo, Karen;


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