Chapter 3, Wing & a Prayer

(Original Posting Date 12/18/11) 

Two in a half years have passed and I am nearing the end of my college life. The boys adjusted better than I ever could credit a young child after losing their family. Austyn became the “man of the house,” and tends to be a little overly bossy!  Dylan became mommy’s protector & partner in crime!

I can only hope that someday my children will understand why I couldn't give them all of their wants and needs. Why I lived on sleepless nights, why I couldn't always play with them and their matchbox cars that time they asked, and why I try so hard to make things right for them. But, if there is one thing I want them to walk away with... its learning from my mistakes. I want them to know, that everything happens for a reason and to never search for love. Because I have learned, that we never find love when we are looking, and we tend to fall in love with the most unexpected people, at the most unexpected times.

And I am proof of that, because on an ordinary night I met a guy who would potentially become my best friend.. my prince charming (minus, the white stallion horse)! Which I am okay with that!  I've never been a huge fan of horses anyway! :-)

I believe everything I endured, every tear, every heart ache, every lonely sleepless night I had ever encountered has led my life to where I am today. (Yes, I just justified it!) My heart has been ripped out, tossed, and shredded in every direction. I have lost trust and faith in love, in soul mates and fairytales. And the only life I knew was my children. That is…until HE came along, opened another chapter, and changed everything!

And right now, I am perfectly happy with him.  I'm putting away my fears of being hurt.  I'm giving him my heart and trusting he doesn’t break it.  Because at this moment, I’m having the time of my life with my children and the one boy I absolutely love & adore.  My life couldn’t feel more content then it is right now! 

Xo Kiki;

Karen is the owner of Boutique Marketing Studio & blog owner of My Life, Your Entertainment. “My life, Your Entertainment,” is a real-life, non-sugarcoating blog by yours truly! I am a mother of two teenage boys (Lord, I know you love me). I am a pilot bride who envies her groom’s love for flying. I find humor in the little things and will laugh until my belly hurts. I am stubborn, I cuss worst than a sailor. I am too outspoken, I drink, I have tattoos, I drive a fancy truck and I am addicted to chocolate. I love hard and trust too easy. However, I can build a wall to protect my heart faster than an airplane taking off at 130 knots. The life motto that I have, and will, always live by is, “On a wing and a prayer.” My life, my family, and all its beautiful chaos, takes place in the beautiful Great Lakes State. You will find that my blog talks about all of the things I have passion for: life, marriage, kids, marketing, hobbies… you name it! I hope somewhere, there is a soul or two I can speak to. So, stick around and don’t forget to subscribe! Xo, Karen;


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