Boutique Display Ideas

Looking to freshen up your store front with the latest budget friendly displays? Or maybe you're a DIYer and want to save money? Whatever the case, your store's display is a crucial element of visual merchandising that focuses on the design and layout of a store to increase foot traffic and promote the sale of goods.

When designing your layout, keep the below tips in mind!

-Create a focal point in your store by grouping similar items together or by color.

-Use creative lighting to highlight your displays and products.

-Incorporate props and mannequins into your displays to add interest and dimension.

-Vary the heights of your displays to add visual interest. -Use creative packaging to showcase your products.

-Think outside the box when it comes to displaying your products. Get creative and have fun!

A well designed display will infuse exactly the right message into the minds of your customers and their shopping experience.


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Remember, your store's display is important as it can help increase foot traffic and promote the sale of goods. When designing your layout, create a focal point, use creative lighting, incorporate props and mannequins, and vary the heights of your displays. Lastly, don’t forget to use creative packaging to showcase your products, and think outside the box to make your displays more interesting.


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