Boost Sales with Facebook Live Selling!

Boost online sales with Facebook shops and live shopping

Facebook Live Selling is getting more & more popular. Interact with your viewers and gain potential customers by showcasing and directly selling your products in real-time with Live Shopping on Facebook

Facebook live selling allows you to:

  • Customize your stream with a product playlist.- Set up a Live Shopping playlist to showcase products in your Live Shopping video. Viewers will be able to see more details about each product while they watch.
  • Go live from mobile or desktop- Facebook Live Shopping is available on desktop or in the mobile app. You pick the device that’s most comfortable and convenient for you.
  • Allow direct buying from your live event- Make shopping even easier with Checkout5. Once enabled, people can buy your products directly from your Live Shopping broadcast. 
  • Bring products to life with interactive live demos- Use Live Shopping to show what your products look like in real world situations. You’ll also be able to answer questions from viewers and respond to their reactions to help them make informed buying decisions.

Below we share our best tips to create an amazing live shopping experience for your customers! 

  • Be Consistent- Your live shopping videos are like a TV program that airs at the same time and day each week. By letting your viewers know when and where they can reliably watch you
  • Promote your live shopping streams- Post on your Page ahead of time to build anticipation for your live video. After the live stream, follow up with viewers who messaged or commented. Continuing to engage with your viewers can help turn them into new customers.
  • Engage with your viewers- While streaming, let viewers know that they can comment in the video or send you a direct message through Messenger
  • Get Creative- Live shopping gives you flexibility and freedom to express yourself and your business. Try to play a game with viewers or ask questions.

If you are unsure HOW to use Facebook live selling?  Click HERE!



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