Are You Shopping For Your Customers Body Type?

When you own a boutique it's all about your customers. But are you shopping for the right clothes for them?

When you shop for inventory, do you think about how the pieces might make your customers look? What about how it'll make them feel?

No matter what body type they have, we all need clothes.  Shopping and finding clothes that fit your body type is always hard. Shopping online is even harder. Here are a few tips on body types to help you stay mindful and conscientious in the way you shop for inventory.

We have 5 body types: Rectangle, Triangle, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle and Round.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape- Customers who are IT tend to have shoulders that are broader than their hips. If your customers are IT, they will want to avoid necklines like boat-neck, big straps, halter neck tops, big shawl collars and larger patterns on the top half. Focus on the lower half with an a-line skirt or wide leg pants when styling! 

Rectangle Body Shape- Customers who are Rectangle Body Shape, have a straight shoulder line and hips. They tend to wear the same size in top and bottoms. Those with a rectangle body shape are also known to have an “athletic” body shape. Your customers will want to highlight their body half to highlight their waist. Mid-rise jeans work best for this! Keep the top loose or form fitting. 

Triangle Body Shape- Also known as a “pear” shape. Customers who have a Triangle Body Shape have a wider lower half. For your Triangle body shape customers you will want to draw attention to the upper half. You can achieve this with bright colors on top, wide necklines, and sweetheart necklines. Keep dark colors for the bottom half and shirts long enough to just hit the widest part of their hips. 

Hourglass Body Shape- Customers who have an hourglass shape are equal size in hips and shoulders with a well defined waist. Customers with an hourglass shape will want to avoid wearing baggy clothes, high neck tops, or shapeless clothes. 

Round Body Shape- Also known as the “apple” body shape. Customers who have a round body shape have a larger upper body, slender legs and no defined waist. Customers will want to avoid attention to the shoulders and aim for a balanced look with well fitted tops and loose (not baggy) fitting jackets. Knee length-Slim fit dresses, pencil skirts, and straight leg jeans work best! 


Your customers deserve trendy fashion that fits properly! You want them to discover their best. For that reason, you should be offering them a wide range of sizes and styles in your boutique. When shopping with your customers in mind, think of the “third” rule. 

The key is to create a visual break in your outfit at either the end of the first third, or the end of the second third. Avoid putting the visual break of your outfit in the middle, because this can make you look frumpy”. Following the “third” rule will make your customers feel beautiful and confident every day.



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