6 types of content to grow your Business

My team and I get asked a lot... WHAT DO I POST? Here is 6 types of content to share with your customers! 

We recommend sharing all of these, in different amounts depending on the phase you are in at the time. By this I mean - the awareness phase, the lead generation phase, the launch phase or the implementation phase of a product/service.

1. Inspiration-  Inspiration is anything from giving the customer some ideas for a project, to sharing what inspired you to create what you do.

2. Education- Use an image or reel to offer tips and advice. Don't forget to repurpose content by turning your highlights into reels and reels into stories! 

3. Values- Share what is important to you as a brand, or as a person.  You customers want a connection so be REAL and connect with them. 

4. Personal- Show your face to share the person behind the brand. it is also the place to share stories about yourself. 

5. Customer- Share your customers with your product or their testimonials. It is also a great way to celebrate successes so that people want to come and shop with you! 

6. Selling- This is the time that you obviously sell! The aim is to sell through the other types of post as this will be less salesy. This works great for time sensitive selling. 


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