5 ways to improve your email list!

Ashley said it best...."People need repetition to build trust, and cross-marketing to your email list is the perfect way to do so increasing sales and decreasing unsubscribes!"

So- what are the 5 best ways to improve your email list?

1. Create a Facebook Page SuggestionA Facebook Page Suggestion allows you to upload your email list, and Facebook will ‘suggest’ that this person ‘Like’ your page by sending them a like notification box.  This is an organic way to increase your following. 

2. Invite them to your Socials- Facebook Groups are the main mode of daily communication for many boutiques with their best customers, so why not invite your new list to your group?

3.Create a custom AudienceUpload this email list into a new Facebook Advertising Custom Audience. Once you have an audience created, try running a low budget click to website ad. 

4. Create a Lookalike AudienceOnce you’ve created a Custom Audience as mentioned above, use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience and find additional users just like them

5. Use Organic Post TargetingOn the Facebook Post button, each post you make has the option to be organically targeted, as long as your total audience is over 1k.

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